Square Register, Sans Payments And Hardware, Now Works Globally On Android And iOS

29 11 2014


Last week, when Square started pre-orders for new chip-based card-reading hardware to upgrade its older mag-stripe readers, we noted that it seemed only a matter of time before the company would finally turn on more international services, where the newer chip-based system reigns supreme. Now it looks like that’s just what Square has quietly started to do.

Updated Square Register apps in the iOS and Google Play’s Android app stores — part of the company’s bigger solution that lets merchants turn their iOS or Android smartphones and tablets into payment processing devices — note that the point-of-sale app supports 130 currencies and “support for worldwide use of Register, even in countries without integrated Square processing.”

But it’s still babysteps for the company. While the Square Register app has now been turned on internationally, the hardware, and payment processing, have yet to arrive.

“If you are in the U.S., you can also take payments with a Square Reader or Square Stand,” the…

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