Vainglory Review: A Solid MOBA On Your iPhone

24 11 2014


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Last week, Vainglory came out for the iPhone and iPad. We’ve already had the chance to play the game in the best conditions (on the iPad Air at the developer’s office) and found that it’s a great MOBA for tablets.

For those unaware, Vainglory is the multiplayer online battle arena Apple showed off on-stage at the iPhone announcement in September to demonstrate the real-world power of the Metal graphics framework and the A8 system on a chip.

That was great for demo purposes: Vainglory is a very pretty game from a technical standpoint. But seeing the game on-screen and playing on a tablet doesn’t let you know how it actually felt to play on a device the size of a phone.

Now we’ve had a chance to actually try out Vainglory in real-world settings: on my apartment’s decent Wi-Fi setup and on an actual iPhone 6 Plus. As it…

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