Sapphire’s tiny controller guide

1 11 2014

Sapphire Melody's Blog

There are so many controllers out there, who simply don’t know what to do with their role. While some of them simply don’t care about playing their role right to benefit their team in a specific way, there are also those who just don’t know any better. With this small guide I want to address the latter.

First, who or what is a controller? It’s a team member, who benefits his team in a unique way and has several tasks. He restores power to the group, controlls mobs and deals damage. Many trolls believe their task is to simply restore power to the DPS who will then do the damage. This is wrong. Trolls are intended to come second in damage after the DPS, that’s why they don’t suffer any damage penalties when changing to the controller role (as opposed to healers and tanks). My damage compared to a skilled…

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